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Your membership to a collaborative, inspiring co-working space to get you out of the house and focused on your business.  

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Get an 8-hour day pass to the co-working space to drop in and be productive when the moment strikes you.

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Access to the co-working space during open hours, discounted pricing for private rentals and mail delivery.

Private Meetings + Events

Private access to the co-working space to host your meeting or event.

Konnect is Milford’s only co-working space dedicated to providing an environment where you can create, connect, and focus on your business.

Our fun, inspiring environment creates a friendly and flexible space, offering co-working space, private rentals, and quiet space with unlimited tea and coffee to keep you going ;)

Features + Benefits

Complimentary coffee & tea 

Our team ensures there is always plenty of freshly brewed coffee and tea ready for you and your guests.


High speed wifi & endless power outlets 

Walk in, check in, and get right to work. Really fast wifi and plenty of power outlets make it easy to connect and recharge throughout your day.


Space to host guests and small meetings

Work on a project, host a meeting, or meet a client.


Access to Printing + Copying 

Get up to 10 copies or printed sheets per day included with your membership or day pass.

Access to A/V Equipment

Connect to our onsite video equipment to wow your small group.

310 W Harford Street, Suite 2

West Milford, PA 18337 


Phone: 570.338.5182

Located in the Heart of Milford Borough

310 W Harford Street, Suite 2

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Monthly Membership

Day Pass / Guest Pass


$25 per day

$45 per hour

$125 per month

$75 per hour

$25 per day

$125 per month

$45 per hour (Members)

$75 per hour (Non-Members)

Digging the Art?
Meet our Local Female Artist

It took me a little bit to really hone in on my skills as an artist.
For a while I sort of took my talents for granted and didn’t really see much value in sharing it with the world.
This collection is a representation of my enlightenment as an artist and helped me push my limits to see what I am truly capable of.
Within these images I discovered my value and the truth of what it means to be yourself and to do what you love.
My journey has only just begun and the colors and movement caught in these abstract paintings truly captures that expression through my eyes.
I hope they encourage you to do the same, to create more excitement, feel the liveliness in all that surrounds you, and give you the energy to feel motivated to do what truly makes you fulfilled.

Follow me on social media so you can see how I tie my art in with my other business of making Adaptogenic Lattes for the Mind, Body, and Soul.

Age 25. Located in Milford, PA